Migrating data in company mergers

Project Details

Title: Data risk management in migration projects
Customer: Large European Bank
Industry: Banking
Period of project: Took place over 2 years
Budget: 250,000 €
Est. value/ROI: Migration without major incidents
How many persons in project: 4
Used Technologies: LINUX, DB2, noe4j, GitLab
Project Category:
Data Insights
Project Tags:
Banking,Data Migration


Data risk management in migration projects. Overall risk management throughout a data migration for 2 merging organizations.


The goal of the project was to provide overall management of the data throughout the migration with evaluations from a superordinate database for the individual migration projects and the receiving departments. This included, in particular, duplicate customer analysis, determination of customer groups with regard to legitimacy and the estimation of a cluster risk, determination of a (technically and functionally) possible tranche cut, enrichment of migration-relevant accounts/customers with information that is decisive for the selection of migration tranches and the planning of the effort for migration activities, as well as duplicate customer reporting (support for regulatory reporting) and validation of the plans for the implementation of the business area separation as part of the migration (e.g., detection of dependencies).


Normally, there is always a high number of incidents in large migration projects, which have to be resolved with considerable personnel effort. With the development of a graph-based solution, however, it is possible to identify and address all dependencies in advance. As a result, there were no significant incidents in the migration.

Data Science Application

The development of the data basis was completely based on Cypher and DB2 SQL and was developed in 3 months with 3 additional employees.

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