Data Science Education; Delivering tailored educational programs to develop and empower a workforce of data science citizens

Project Details

Title: Data analyst productivity
Customer: Budge Ltd
Industry: Commodity Trading
Period of project: Progressive workshops engagements over 2 months
Budget: $35,000
Est. value/ROI: Priceless
How many persons in project: 4
Used Technologies: Python, Machine Learning
Hash-Tags/Keywords: Data Science Training, Data Analytics, Python, Machine learning
Project Category:
Data science education

Most organizations want to be more data-driven in their decision-making, but the ones that succeed are those in which leaders commit to making the investments they need to realize their goals. These commitments range from talent, processes, and the broad technologies available to help adopt and deploy data and analytics at scale.

Company leaders who understand the importance of data are able to accelerate their path to becoming successful data-driven organizations.


An International Commodity trading company wanted to develop data science workforce capabilities to tackle complex challenges and capabilities to sustain a competitive advantage.


Tailored educational programs designed to accelerate understanding and application of modern data science; machine learning, AI, and Python programming with contextual applications.


Elevated the analytics team productivity and effectiveness by developing their capability to apply modern machine learning and data science tools including custom Python coding to create AI IP to solve specific industry challenges.


We had a great experience with Stan who conducted group training in python coding to research analysts in our offices in White Plains, NY. The group had a wide range of experience from novices to those with data science modeling experience. Stan kept everyone engaged, adapting his materials to suit the group’s pace and experience level. Stan was extremely well prepared, and diligent. Stan addressed complex questions from advanced analysts to support them in modeling/coding challenges. He skillfully provided feedback accelerating understanding empowering them with the knowledge and tools to develop and deploy python coding.  We would highly recommend Stan and his group.

Tailored data science education

In a digital world, every company should be asking the question; “how can data help us achieve our goals?” Empowering the workforce to become data science citizens requires some level of education. Whether it’s a training workshop, steps to infuse into your strategic planning, or a tailored company-wide educational program our data science know-how will help you progress.