About Us

Democratizing augmented intelligence so that every company has access to data science.

Democratizing Data Science

Alephnet is a data science company founded in 2021 with locations in the USA and Europe.

We provide partners and clients with a fresh approach to data science, AI, and digital transformation.

We are a team with a bold vision: making end-to-end data science and digital transformation accessible.

Our Mission

What we believe in
We believe companies secure their future through data-enabled business models. Data science is fundamental to this effort so every company should have access to front and back end data science resources.

We believe we can create a new reality, one in which all companies can become data-enabled, connecting insights to innovation and value creation. A reality in which data insights become an ecosystem.

The Team Behind Alephnet

One mission, enabling every company to connect data insights to aspirational outcomes

We bring a wealth of skills and experience from a wide range of backgrounds.



Dominik is a leading expert in the fields of advanced and big data analytics, as well as neural networks and artificial intelligence, combining scientific expertise with business acumen.



Lars is a leading expert in system dynamic simulations and business games. His expertise lies in the interdisciplinary combination of general management/economics and information technology. He helps companies with change processes and management.



Stanislav is a leading expert in the field of complex urban dynamics through its digital traces. His work interests lay at the crossroads of urban data science, network analysis, and machine learning.



Kaveh is a leading expert in humane digital transformation, employee analytics and open digital innovation. His field of expertise lays in applied data science with a focus on innovation networks.
Stefan Jeromin Person



With more than 25 years of experience in IT, Stefan is an expert in cloud computing, data security, and data engineering. He set up compliant data lakes and high security digital infrastructures for DAX companies and major banks.

About The Alephnet

It is our way to honor Data Science Heritage. The letter Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic alphabet, the culture from which we inherited the modern mathematics and decimal system.

We order the unorderable for our clients. The letter Aleph was introduced by Georg Cantor to represent the different cardinality of infinite sets; that brings a hierarchy into infinity and therefore orders the unorderable.

Value creation is the center of our business. The letter Aleph originates from the Egyptian hieroglyph for Ox, an animal that was central for and symbol of value co-creation. We operate as an end-to-end service network. Data science is a multidisciplinary field in which we connect and enable a network of data scientists across the globe to deliver unmatched quality and service.

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