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Data science solutions for all companies

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Unlock the true potential of AI with accessible and customizable end-to-end data science solutions.

Our engagement models cater to your unique needs, offering traditional digital consulting, bundled fractional services, and tailor-made products.

Experience how data science levels the playing field, empowering both small organizations to make a significant impact and large companies to establish personal connections.

Front and backend data science 

We distinguish between Backend and Frontend Data Science.

We define the Backend as the part that deals with hardware, efficient data processing, and data storage infrastructure, often referred to as Data Engineering.

The Frontend, on the other hand, is more focused on data analysis and can be further subdivided into tasks performed by data analysts, machine learning engineers, statisticians, natural language processing specialists, neural networks, data visualization, and various roles such as Data Science software developers.

An integrated development environment – IDE

The capability to rapidly and efficiently build, deploy, and iterate is essential to incorporate decision-makers’ feedback and update the solution(s) accordingly. Stakeholders require customized decision-making support that is tailored to their specific needs, rather than using off-the-shelf or black box solutions.

Our approach focuses on addressing the specific problem at hand and aligning with the decision-making requirements.

Data Studio as a Service

Unlock your full potential with our team of experienced experts, minimizing risks along the way. We specialize in developing and implementing customized data solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We thoroughly test and verify these solutions, and provide ongoing maintenance and continuous improvement to ensure optimal performance.

Assessments Lab

Where are you in your data science journey?

Lean Data Check-Up


This service is ideal for companies that have a wealth of data but may not fully realize its value.

If you’re curious about data science and how it can benefit your business, this is for you.


We pragmatically and quickly check the data potential and give concrete recommendations for action.


  • We conduct a two-to-four-hour workshop to assess the current state of data usage across 10 specific topics.
  • We provide preparatory material to ensure a productive and focused workshop.
  • Following the workshop, we offer a follow-up session to identify data usage scenarios and quick wins for your business.
  • You will receive a comprehensive result document that outlines the status quo of your data usage and highlights potential data use-cases that align with your business strategy and goals. The report also includes suggested next steps to guide you on your journey toward becoming a data-driven company.

Data Maturity Check-Up

Knowing your data maturity is crucial for developing an effective data strategy.


If you’re curious and interested in assessing the data maturity of your company, this service is for you. You already recognize the value of data science and understand that data-driven business models can improve your company’s performance. You want to evaluate your company’s maturity level and readiness to leverage data to solve key business challenges.


We assess your data readiness from four perspectives: operations, technology, infrastructure, and strategy.


  • We conduct an assessment to determine the maturity of your data infrastructure and data usage concepts.
  • We evaluate the current status of data usage, data infrastructure, and data governance.
  • We compare your maturity level with industry peers or suitable maturity models, if applicable.
  • We identify areas of improvement to increase your maturity level, considering market trends.
  • Result document: You will receive a comprehensive analysis of your current data maturity in terms of data usage, data infrastructure, and data governance. Each dimension will be rated on a 5-point scale, highlighting the gaps towards data mastery. Additionally, we will provide actionable suggestions for the next steps to improve your maturity in each dimension.

    Production Lab

    Progress and solve business challenges with data science

    Data Thinking


    Unlock the true value of data through targeted and personalized utilization. Whether you have completed a data maturity check and are looking to develop an MVP to address a business challenge, or you are ready to engage in a data thinking workshop and MVP development, this is for you.


    Collaboratively, we identify valuable use cases and create the initial blueprints and prototypes of data-driven solutions.


    • Our workshops, guided by the Data Thinking Canvas, bring together our data experts and business developers.

    • We conduct structured assessments to identify and elaborate on data use cases.

    • Through paper prototyping, we thoroughly evaluate the relevance of each use case.

    • Comprehensive Data Thinking documentation captures all results and work statuses.

    • The workshop enables a shared understanding of the power of data science and its tailored support for your business. Together, we develop an MVP for a tangible data product, identifying the relevant stakeholders and data resources required to bring the solution to life.

    MVP/Product Production


    • You wish to develop a data product defined in a data thinking workshop or
    • You have completed an enterprise readiness assessment revealing suitability to proceed and
    • You have a defined business challenge and use case and want to explore the product development and deployment.
    • You would like to explore collaboration and resourcing options for development and deployment.


    Develop and implement aligned data solution(s), test and verify them, and maintain and improve them as needed.


      • Design and test new ways to generate data
      • Sift and prepare existing data
      • Exploratory data analysis and predictive model creation
      • Identification and validation of use cases for decision making
      • Develop and validate process or business models
      • Develop integration strategies into the operational business

      Four Steps to Start Your Data Lab 2.0


      Meet. What is the Business Impact?

      In our initial meeting, we delve into the ways data and analytics can positively impact your business. This is an opportunity to openly discuss any questions you may have. You will also be introduced to your dedicated data partner, who will be your main point of contact throughout our collaboration. Transparency and open communication are at the core of our partnership.


      Understand. How we can help?

      We collaborate to gain a deep understanding of your company’s initial situation and needs, which are gathered through an enterprise assessment or customized formats like the Lean Data Check-Up and Data Maturity Check. Together, we define concrete use cases using the Data Thinking approach.


      Setup. What is the right fit?

      We establish your external data lab utilizing our DSaaS framework. During this process, we define coordination channels, data protection measures, collaboration methods, response times, and more. Should your needs evolve or additional flexibility be necessary, you have the ability to adjust requirements and plans accordingly.


      Operation. The first project

      Your Data Lab is fully dedicated to meeting your needs and works in close coordination with you. Whether you require infrastructure development, pragmatic cyclical analyses, or the design and implementation of complex predictive analytics, we are here to support you every step of the way.

      Data Science as a Service

      Access the resources to fulfill your specific capacity and skillset requirements.


      Product lifecycles involve a team of data scientists with complementary skills that do not overlap. This means that a data lab typically requires a minimum of 5 people, each bringing their own distinct expertise. However, if these team members are not fully utilized, it can lead to unnecessary and expensive costs.

      DSaaS serves as a resource integrator, bringing together the knowledge and skills of both internal and external team members. This enables access to a wide range of relevant data science and AI disciplines. With DSaaS, data clients have access to all the expertise they need without incurring additional costs. They only need to invest the necessary time to build their customized data-driven solutions while accommodating their preferred studio and infrastructure preferences.

      We offer digitally-focused enterprise resources that can enhance your existing team or help you build a new team from scratch. Our engagement models are flexible, catering to short, medium, and long-term projects. We provide a range of options of Studio on Premise/Cloud: client-hosted solutions and Alephnet-hosted solutions.

      Traditional Consulting Options

      Data, technical analysis, and digital solutions tailored to the specific needs, capabilities, and desired outcomes of your business.

      Data Science Infrastructure as Service

      With our DSIaaS (Data Science Infrastructure as a Service), you can eliminate the expenses and complexities associated with purchasing and managing physical servers and datacenter infrastructure. Cloud computing services provide essential computing, storage, and networking resources that can be accessed on-demand and paid for based on your usage.

      By leveraging cloud infrastructure, you can reduce the maintenance required for on-premises data centers, resulting in cost savings on hardware expenses. Additionally, the cloud offers the advantage of real-time business insights, enabling you to access and analyze data in real-time for better decision-making.


      Data Science Advisory

      Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of leveraging their collected data to drive business value. Having a trusted data science expert on your team can be invaluable in this pursuit. Our team provides expert strategic guidance in data science, digital transformation, and technology based on the latest industry knowledge and best practices.

      With access to our designated experts, you can tap into their deep understanding of data science and gain peace of mind and clarity in your data-driven initiatives. They will augment your knowledge, provide guidance, and support your company through a data science lens.

      Our services include speaking engagements where our experts share their knowledge and insights, as well as data strategy planning workshops to help you develop a robust data strategy for your organization. We are here to empower you with the expertise and guidance needed to succeed in your data-driven journey.

      Compliance Certification. Risk Audits and Assessments

      Complying with regulatory data laws, assessing data security, the use of data, data science models, and algorithm fairness is a complex challenge for any company.

      Data governance is a critical consideration when centralizing and processing data. Organizations need to ensure that data is used in an operationally efficient manner while adhering to legal transparency and privacy regulations. This involves dictating and documenting how data is integrated, how it is used, ensuring accuracy and consistency, and restricting access to authorized parties.

      By ensuring compliance with data regulations, you can have peace of mind and mitigate the risk of penalties for non-compliance, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

      Our data auditing services include but are not limited to:

      Regulatory conforming analytics - GDPR

      The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered the most stringent privacy and security law worldwide. It imposes obligations on companies that target or collect data from individuals in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

      We offer an analysis of your data processes related to European customers and employees to assess your compliance with the GDPR. If any gaps are identified, we provide guidance on how to address them.

      Non-compliance with the GDPR can result in severe fines, with penalties reaching up to a certain percentage of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year or a fixed amount in the tens of millions.

      Our data processing and data security practices not only meet the requirements of the GDPR but also align with the data guidelines of the German Banking Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and state bank regulations.

      When you utilize our front-end or back-end resources at Alephnet, you can be confident that your data operations comply with GDPR regulations and adhere to the highest standards of data protection and security.

      Data Security Assessment

      Risk assessments help you understand the location of your sensitive data, who has access to it, and any changes occurring in its environment. A successful data security risk assessment can typically be divided into three steps:


      1. Identify the risks to your critical systems and sensitive data.
      2. Identify and organize your data based on the level of associated risk.
      3. Take measures to mitigate the identified risks.

        Data Science Education

        Data science is not a single discipline but rather an umbrella term that describes a complex process involving a team of data scientists with non-overlapping complementary skills. When designing educational programs for data science, it is important to consider this team-based approach.

        In a digital world, every company should ask themselves, “How can data help us achieve our goals?” Empowering the workforce to become data science citizens requires a certain level of education. Whether it’s a training workshop, steps integrated into your strategic planning, or a customized company-wide training program, our expertise in data science will help you make progress.

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